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Efficient BOM Creation

Dimexa ERP simplifies the process of creating BOMs by providing a user-friendly interface and intuitive tools. You can easily define the hierarchical structure of your products, specifying the quantity and relationship between each component. The system allows you to add specifications, descriptions, and images to provide comprehensive documentation for each BOM.

Accurate Material Requirements Planning

The BOM functionality of Dimexa ERP works easily with the features of Material Requirements Planning. The system automatically determines the amount of material needed for every production run by connecting BOMs to sales orders, forecasts, and production schedules. By precisely planning and obtaining the raw materials and components you need, you can lower the possibility of stockouts or excess inventory.

Cost Analysis and Estimation

The BOM function of the system offers tools for cost analysis and estimation. You can estimate the total manufacturing cost of the finished product by allocating costs to each component and subassembly. This makes it possible to analyse profitability, set prices accurately, and manage costs throughout the production process.

Collaboration and Documentation

This function encourages communication between the various production teams. To ensure effective communication and alignment, you can share BOMs with the appropriate stakeholders, including engineers, designers, and production managers. To ensure that all stakeholders have access to correct and current information, the system also offers thorough documentation that includes specs, drawings, and reference materials.

Scalability and Flexibility

The BOM functionality in Dimexa ERP is created to support the complexity and scalability of various industries and production procedures. Dimexa ERP provides the adaptability to match your specific needs, regardless of whether you work with simple or complex BOMs, configure-to-order or engineer-to-order goods. The system supports various manufacturing techniques and can manage complex BOM structures, enabling a tailored approach to BOM management.

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