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Drop shipping is a supply chain strategy whereby retailers sell goods to their consumers without ever having to touch them themselves. Instead, drop ship vendors, who handle the warehousing, picking, packaging, and delivery of those products, deliver the goods.

Dimexa's ERP software simplifies order fulfillment through the Drop Shipping module.
 -- You can seamlessly manage orders that are fulfilled by third-party suppliers or directly shipped from manufacturers.
 -- Our software automates the process, enabling you to track order status, manage supplier communication, and ensure timely delivery.
 -- With our Drop Shipping solution, you can streamline order fulfillment, enhance customer satisfaction, and expand your product offerings.
An ERP dashboard performs many things to enable efficient drop shipping services.
  • Prepayment of drop shipment is notified.
  • Order received from customers is notified.
  • Accounts payable interface delivers order receipts.
  • Order history involving the payment deposit and receipt is reflected.
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