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Simplify and Automate with One Powerful Solution

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Everything in Free +

  • Scoring RulesPrioritize prospects with positive or negative scores
  • WorkflowsAutomate record convertion using Workflow rules
  • Multiple PipelinesBuild custom pipelines to suit your unique sales processes
  • Mass Email Send bulk emails to reach a large number of your customers
  • Custom DashboardsRepresent and summarize CRM data based upon your business requirements

Everything in Standard +

  • SalesSignalsGet real-time customer notifications
  • BlueprintManage every stage of your offline and online business process
  • Web-to-Case FormsConvert support tickets to cases and ensure follow-up
  • Validation RulesEnsure better quality of incoming customer information
  • Inventory Management Price books, quotes, invoices, purchase orders

Everything in Professional +

  • Zia AIConversational AI assistant, prediction and suggestions
  • CommandCenterPersonalize your customer journeys at every stage of the lifecycle
  • CanvasVisual CRM view for increased adoption
  • Multi-user PortalsCustomer, vendor and partner portals
  • Advanced CustomizationPage layouts, Custom modules, buttons, web-tabs, sandbox
  • Mobile SDK & MDMBuild and distribute custom mobile apps

Everything in Enterprise +

  • Advanced BI - bundled with Zoho AnalyticsBundled with Zoho Analytics' Premium Edition: Best-in-class BI and analytics software
  • Enhanced Feature LimitsHighest possible feature limits - API, territories, rules, data enrichment, page layouts, portals, web forms, roles, profiles, social brands, etc.
  • 30-day Trial