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When it comes to tracking inventories at many locations, Dimexa ERP has special features. Sub-places may be created since the physical locations themselves may be hierarchical. Then, to offer a more granular degree of tracking, these locations might be divided into bins. Any item can be stored in any place once the locations and bins are established, providing you with a comprehensive picture of the inventory levels across all physical locations.


SMEs must follow a product's lifetime all the way to the receipt book. You may define and track inventory and production goods with Dimexa ERP. To provide full traceability, the system will record and identify every piece of pertinent data related to each transaction.

Cycle counting

The Cycle Counting feature of Dimexa ERP offers real-time visibility into inventory accuracy, allowing for prompt adjustments and enhanced inventory management. The system creates cycle count reports that identify inconsistencies and deviations so you may take preventative action to deal with any problems. Businesses can streamline their inventory management procedures, cut expenses, and maintain correct inventory levels with Dimexa ERP's Cycle Counting feature, eventually improving operational effectiveness and customer happiness.


It is crucial to keep the inventory levels precise in order to support service level expectations. To automate this procedure, Dimexa ERP provides a number of tools. You can monitor the process, collect real-time data, and track your inventory across several stock levels. Along with complete recipe and product costing capabilities, it offers purchasing, receiving, and stock management functions.
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