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Business control and visibility

The section gives an insight of how the sales and marketing division functions.

It enables the distribution of duties and the oversight of their execution.

Additionally, it oversees the direction of marketing efforts and evaluates the outcomes.

Integration with the system's other modules

Users have easy access to all the accessible information on the customer, including meetings and phone calls made, prices agreed upon, quotations offered, goods sent and invoiced, and past-due payments, etc., thanks to the system's full integration with the other modules.

Marketing Campaigns

All of the expenses connected with implementing marketing campaigns within the organisation can be tracked and analysed using the CRM module. It is also possible to analyse each campaign's revenue and compare it to its costs in order to determine its efficiency. This is similar to tracking costs.

Contact Management

Utilise Contact Management to organise and access the contact details of your clients, partners, and vendors. Track interactions in real time to ensure that every worker has access to up to date information.

Keep in touch in a variety of ways, including by phone, email, and social media, and take as many notes as you like about each interaction.

Construct and monitor customer depth using customizable account hierarchies To increase salespeople's productivity, even while they are offline, sync CRM data with Microsoft Office.

Lead and Opportunity Management

Manage your sales territory and all of your opportunities during their entire lifecycle. You may target the opportunities with the highest potential value and boost sales by using lead and opportunity management.

Utilising quotas, pipeline stages, and user-defined sales structures, manage the sales staff.

Manage predictions by category, territory, and opportunity probability, and examine sales quota and projection at every level of the sales team. View all of your prospect and customer data in one location.

Case Management

Case Management is a customer-focused solution for individualised, high-quality service, from the initial call to resolution and follow-up. Your service staff can manage their caseload, serve customers swiftly, and achieve exceptional customer satisfaction thanks to it.

By utilising user-defined workflow and given roles, you can keep track of and standardise each step of your case management procedure.

All client contacts should be managed and recorded for enterprise-wide visibility. With complete integration with the Field Service module, you may access field service information such as dispatch actions, customer calls, warranty information, and service contracts.

Customer Connect

Consumer trends affect the expectations and actions of B2B buyers. Deliver a cutting-edge eCommerce experience while catering to the special requirements of business customers, including the opportunity to pay on account, repeat business, and special promotions.
  • Frictionless purchasing from your B2B website
  • Fully integrated with Diameco Commerce Connect
  • Fully integrated with CRM
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